We’ve been branding and rebranding for as long as I can remember.

Never have I seen a company over indulge with their branding until now. Enter, YouFit, my new gym. I literally didn’t want to join because their logo is so horrible. Call me a logo snob, I’m ok with that. But my logo snobbiness was based solely upon driving by the place and seeing the logo on their signage. I didn’t realize until I joined how insanely overboard they went with their brand colors and the use of the word “You” which is every where — and I do mean everywhere.

Green and purple are their colors… fine. Just because you have strong colors, doesn’t mean you need to touch every visible wall, floor and piece of equipment with it. It looks like the Incredible Hulk exploded in this place. There’s a certain aesthetic line you shouldn’t cross to keep balance and visual vomit to a minimum and YouFit didn’t get that memo. Introduce some neutrals to offset that color palette, tone down the in-your-face schema to help the colors stand out and pop a bit but not shout at you. This isn’t rocket science guys.

If the color wasn’t bad enough, they crowbar the word “You” into every phrase they have on the wall. It’s almost like they had a first year college student mock this concept up and it was approved overnight by the janitor. For a college student just learning the ropes on how to use Photoshop — I might say ok, but in a real world application it’s a huge fail.

Don’t get me started on the logo either. It’s a quick-fix that should have never been approved. One thing is, it is consistent with the over use of color and “YOU” so in that regard they blew it on three levels across the board with flying colors.

Every time I walk in I’m appalled, offended on multiple levels and can’t wait to get out of there.

…And that’s by brand rant of the day.