WordPress is a fantastic CMS that has gone from a simple blog platform to a full website solution. Blogging is still an important aspect of WordPress but the ability to have a website crafted on the WP platform allows for versatility, modern design aesthetics as well as extendability that is second to none. There was a time when Effusion use to build sites in old-school HTML, however as the times changed so did what our clients were asking for. To keep pace with those demands we found that building websites in WordPress was the glaring solution and it has become the platform of choice helping our clients web projects shine in terms of what it looks like and ultimately how it functions.

The extendability of the WP platform also allows users to take a simple brochure type website and have it grow into an eCommerce solution. With the various plugins available from free to premium, the options to take a website even further in terms of functionality allows a site to grow more easily with that of the company.

Choosing the right web design firm to help bring your website vision to life is crucial though. You don’t just want a company that plugs your information into a preformatted layout, you want a design company that can create a unique look for you and bring that visual into the WordPress ecosystem and from there build a website that will help your organization stand out from everyone else in the market place.

Sure there are a ton of CMS solutions out there from SquareSpace to Drupal, to Wix and WordPress and a handful of others, but for the most bang for your buck with a very flexible architecture if yo aren’t using WordPress now, it should be at the top of your list to-do’s when you do redesign or start up that new business.