In the blink-of-an-eye you have a very small window to catch a potential customer/client’s attention, does your current website do that or does it look like you just don’t care about how it looks as long as you have one?

Well if it’s the latter, since the web is about 99.9% of most people’s first point of contact when looking for a company, shouldn’t it represent who you are in the most professional manner possible? If it doesn’t, what does that say instantly to these prospects? Maybe instead it conveys that your services or your product offering aren’t all that important or quality driven either.

If you met with a potential client and they looked insanely disheveled or they took their shoes off during the meeting and started clipping their toe nails, you’d definitely not feel 100% confident in their ability as a business right? The same applies to websites and how they represent your company or organization. Bringing your website A-game is crucial for first time visitors and repeat traffic to your site.

A well built and design-friendly site says a lot about your standards as a business owner. It provides an air of confidence to those potential buyers looking for services just like yours. If you don’t look the part or care enough about how you are represented online that blink-of-an-eye window to catch their attention will lose spectacularly to another company that sets a higher bar with their website aesthetic.

Our company gets a ton of comments on why we were chosen to work with over other local companies for web development and it boils down to this… comfort level. In those cases, at first glance to them we felt instantly credible. We didn’t feel cookie cutter and our site kept their attention and showcased our work in a very professional way. That same type of first impression is something every business should strive for. If you’re looking for a redesign or a have business that needs a brand new design we’d be happy to help.