In old movies and novels, violent criminals and thieves would sometimes murder a hero and then secretly take their place, slipping into their lives as if nothing had ever happened. Believe it or not, the same thing has taken place in the world of business web design and online marketing. What’s more, we all helped make the switch without even noticing it.

It may have actually been the perfect crime, at least from a web design perspective. That’s because Flash – which was once virtually everywhere on the web – has quickly and quietly given way to HTML5, which is superior in almost every way that matters.

Let’s start with the things that were wrong with Flash. Not only were Flash sites often slow to load, but they weren’t completely compatible with some web browsers, and required constant updates. Even worse, content within flash animations didn’t give you any search engine optimization value, and customers hated sitting through the animations themselves.

On the other hand, let’s take a look at just a few of the biggest benefits that come from making the transition to an HTML5 website:

The behind-the-scenes coding is cleaner. This might not seem like something that a business owner or executive would care about, but know this: Cleaner, simpler code means fewer errors. The less there is to go wrong with your business website, the less time and money you have to spend fixing things that go wrong.

HTML5 is compatible with all browsers. What’s more, it has embedded tags and media types, so it’s easy for browsers to tell videos from photos, regardless of content sources and file extensions. That means it just works everywhere, and for everyone.

HTML5 also supports mobile platforms. A very large proportion of web traffic is now coming via smartphones and tablets. HTML5 makes your site more accessible to these customers.

Considered together, these benefits don’t just make HTML5 better now, they make it significantly better in the future. So, when it’s time to start making changes to your website, don’t think small. Instead, recognize that Flash is dead, and that HTML5 has stepped into its place and is doing a better job.

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