If you’re a designer, a true designer or you have a design firm, you work with Adobe Creative Suite tools. You don’t monkey around with the off-brands like Corel Draw or that open source non-sense — you use grown-up software for the design world you live in. Adobe has been around forever and even before you got into design they were the software you aspired to have… one day. When you first start out in the web design, branding or print marketing business, having the resources to own Adobe products was a significant investment. Sure you were able to get by on your Educational version during school which cost next to nothing, but now that you have your own business or freelance on the side outside of your 9 to 5 gig, using the EDU version from 3 years ago seems a bit silly and frankly you are starting to suffer a guilty complex because you aren’t in school anymore, using it in a professional setting and making a profit at what you do as well.

Embarrassing situations happen now and again when a client sends you a file in a more recent version of Illustrator than you have…

Personally, we wouldn’t upgrade every cycle (which was about every 18 months), we’d skip one then upgrade the next version so we were always one version behind the latest and greatest. Embarrassing situations happened now and again when a client would send you a file in a more recent version of Illustrator than you have and you couldn’t open it forcing you to send it back asking them to save down a version or two. You really wanted to have the most recent software but honestly dropping that kind of scratch every year and a half hurts your wallet.

Adobe has had it’s issues with piracy like many software manufacturers do and this in my opinion is why the software was such a huge expense. The honest website design and branding firms had to make up for all of Adobe’s profit losses because of those that scammed the system. Initially, you could easily drop  2K-3K on software then when you upgraded it would run you anywhere from $500-1K. It’s not cheap to be honest but you did it because it was the right thing to do.

When Adobe announced their new Creative Cloud, I thought this has to be too good to be true. Not only do you have access to every single software title they make, you are always up-to-date, you never have to miss an upgrade cycle, if you want to dabble in a program you didn’t want to buy to try, now you can and for the crazy price of $29/mo. That’s all it cost. Now Adobe is covered from pirates, all you have to do is login to verify your credentials but once you do you’re in. We’ve been using it for several weeks now and it’s an easy transition.

We highly recommend using the Adobe Creative Cloud especially for new design companies starting out as well as for creative veterans. Your investment is minimal and you are using cutting edge software at all times.

It’s really a no-brainer.