As film directors have been telling us for years, sometimes subtext is everything. It certainly is when it comes to your Facebook updates, where even the most offhanded comment or status update can create unintended impressions. Here are four things to look out for when telling your friends and fans what’s going on in your business:

It’s best to be positive.
A heavy dose of negativity doesn’t just make you seem like a person who likes to grumble – it can also signal to potential clients that you might be trouble to do business with. When in doubt, try to look on the bright side and keep your Facebook updates positive.

Word spreads quickly, so be careful.
More than one business owner, and quite a few reckless employees, have taken to Facebook in order to complain about a client. Bad idea. Even if the contact in question isn’t on your friend list, you can be sure word will get back to them quickly.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.
Refrain from bragging about the big client, award, or breakthrough until you’re absolutely sure it’s going to happen. It’s easy to type a status update, but impossible to take it back once others have read it. That makes it a poor forum for jumping the gun on something that’s speculative or proprietary.

Remember that what goes online can stay there forever.
And speaking of taking things back, generally speaking you can’t. You can always remove the post, of course, but that usually only ends up making the problem worse, since friends and clients can tell that you are trying hard to cover up a mistake. A better strategy is to think before you post and not find yourself in a position where you’ll have to backtrack and try to undo damage to your reputation – or a client relationship.

Facebook updates are a great way to tell the world how you’re feeling, or what’s new with your business. Just be sure to use them carefully – otherwise a quick note could become a big regret.

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