Web design is both art and business, which means it’s constantly being influenced by creative instincts, new technologies, and the bottom-line realities that marketers face. In other words, it changes a lot, and that change comes rapidly.

With that in mind, we’d like to share five web design trends that we’ve noticed recently, and that we expect to continue in 2014 and beyond:

1. Flat design. More and more businesses and designers are choosing to do away with things like drop shadows, and layered images or lettering. The result is more of a “flat,” non-three-dimensional look. That might seem like a step backward in terms of technology, but it gives websites and logos a simple look that’s easier to take in at a glance.

2. Picnic basket chic. Technically called gingham, this checkered style’s popping up everywhere, and especially on websites and in retail packaging. Customers like it because it’s clean and simple; marketers turn to it because it subtly reminds buyers of happy days spent relaxing at a park.

3. Simple shapes and icons. For a while, increasingly complicated and animated images and logos were hot. Now, trends are going the other way. Perhaps it’s because more people are scanning websites and marketing materials than ever before, but simple and clean images are becoming the norm.

4. Minimalism. In the same way, it used to seem as if there was a rush to fit as much as possible on every page, or in every website. With designers and their clients now preferring clean lines and lots of open space, minimalism is a growing trend that’s proving to be more effective than overstuffing marketing pieces was.

5. Black and white. At a time when it’s possible to produce so many colors beautifully online, why make the move to black and white? That’s easy – whenever the market is doing one thing, you can easily stand out simply by going another direction.

If it’s time for your website to get a facelift or renovation, keep these five trends in mind – they just might give your pages the extra bit of polish they need to help you stand out from the competition.

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