Call to actions are just that… calls to take action of some kind.

If you don’t include these on your website or eNewsletters, then you’re missing a valuable opportunity to help direct your customers on what to do next. You can have the best looking email newsletter or a stunning website but without the subtle nudge of a call to action visual or prompt of some kind they aren’t connecting you with ease.

For example… on our website on nearly every page of our site (see examples below) we have some sort of subtle guide (call to action) that helps the website visitor along a path to easily contact us. They can look at your website all day but if they can’t easily contact you there really isn’t a point. Make it dead simple for them to get a hold of you.

call to actions image

Maybe you’d rather guide someone towards a featured service or how to easily buy something you are highlighting on your eCommerce site. No matter if it’s eCommerce or an information website it should direct people to do something. The same applies to eNewsletters, not all eNews but most. You may just want to send an eNews email to your client’s to which them a Happy Holidays to stay top of mind, but for the most part there should be a highly visible click response visual to contact you or visit your online shop or to read more then contact you.

Call to actions are a key feature on websites and in design that assist clients, customers or potentials to contact you with the ease of a click, so help them do that by including them in your marketing efforts.