Here’s the scenario, you had your website built say 6 months to a year ago. If you use a CMS like WordPress it’s imperative that you stay vigilant about keeping up with the maintenance on the backend. It’s no different than keeping up the maintenance on your car, home or your physical well being and it’s extremely necessary to keep everything running smoothly. If you haven’t updated or backed up since the site launched, it’s crucial that it’s taken care of if not by you… by someone qualified to do so.

You see, WordPress updates their content management system about 12-15 times a year (this is no exaggeration). Additionally, the plugins that help make the website work properly also keep pace with those WordPress updates so they remain compatible as well and these also need updating frequently. Another important factor is making sure you backup your website as a safety net — because you never know if something becomes corrupted or incompatible in the software or your website could go down unexpectedly — then what? You’ll also find that the premium theme used to create your site also updates several times times a year as well. There are a lot of moving pieces that need to be accounted for to help your website stay afloat. All are important tasks that contribute to the sustainability of your site.

WordPress is great about notifying you of updates with a red circular badge. We’ve found however, many clients don’t feel confident in updating the technical aspects mentioned above because they feel they might break something. Rightfully so, it can seem overwhelming for someone that doesn’t deal with this on a daily basis. If you haven’t updated your site in at least a few months, and don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, the Effusion team can help with those website updates. We have monthly and quarterly plans to fit your budget and keep your site up to date and backed up.

If you need a hand with your WordPress updates, just give us a shout.