People typically come to Effusion because they’ve seen and loved our work or know people that have worked with us and want a similar experience. We sign-on new clients and referrals regularly throughout the year that trust our design expertise because of this.

Some clients are more hands on and that’s fine, where others tend to micromanage the entire project which strikes us as odd since they hired us to make them look good in the first place.

Your Design Firm Are the Experts

While we can certainly appreciate our clients that have a friend in the design business in NYC that they want to run our designs by. Possibly their wife may have taken a course or two in marketing during her college years and want to art direct the entire project. Ultimately though, most design firms really would prefer the client to rely on the firm’s knowledge and creative skill-set without feeling the need to get a second opinion or to take matters into their own hands.

Completely trusting your design firm is key to having a successful project launch — it’s really that simple.

Holding Your Hand

Certain areas of the design process may seem foreign to some of our clients — that’s ok, it’s not foreign to us — it’s what we do all day every day and we will walk you through the process and help educate you along the way.

Living and Breathing Design

Design firms live and breath design and know what’s hot, what’s not, what good color combinations play well together, what fonts work and how to make your company look its best when you are in front of them with marketing materials at a meeting, online with your website or at a trade show handing out business cards.

Letting Go

We’ve found that letting go of creative control can be difficult for many clients and it’s tough especially when their project or business image is so important to them. However, most firms will agree, the most successful projects are those that let the design company do the actual design work with little or no direction from the client. This allows the firm to have complete creative freedom to develop the client’s vision to the fullest extent and take it places the client would have never thought of.


This certainly doesn’t mean input from clients is not necessary, in fact we encourage feedback. However at the end of the day Effusion (or your design firm) has the experience, education, and day-to-day interactivity with design and has its finger on the pulse of current trends that clients typically don’t. Clients look to companies like ours to help them take their business/marketing image to the next level. But, this is difficult to do when a client can’t relinquish the creative control.

Food for Thought

Design is a lot like personal training, you wouldn’t hire a personal trainer then tell them how to train you. Trainers are the experts they know about diet, supplements, training and the latest techniques to help you reach your physical goals. If you come to them and say “we completely trust your expertise, but my sister’s cousin was watching Oprah and they said I should be working out in a totally different way.” Always look to the experts and trust them to help your marketing material and image, second hand information leads to sub-par design and less than adequate return on investment.

The Best Thing to Do

The best thing any client can do is to let their design firm do what they were hired to do. Remember you hired your design firm because of the way they think creatively. In our case, the main reason you liked Effusion’s stuff in the first place was because we actually designed it.