Using PowerPoint has become common place in the everyday work environment. It’s used to pitch your boss, a potential client or present at a conference or trade show. Presentations are just a huge part of the business world.

More often than not, you’ll find that presentations become a hatch job when you have several different people working on them. They’ll look disjointed using inconsistent fonts, low quality imagery, too much text, and a non-cohesive aesthetic that really undercuts the value of the overall message that is trying to be conveyed.

Believe it or not, PowerPoint presentations are something we are hired to do on a regular basis. We help to shape the overall layout by branding the presentation to feel like it’s the selling tool it was meant to be — not a Frankenstein hodgepodge last minute feeling piece of work that works more against you than for you.

If you give a presentation with something you threw together for a big meeting and it looks extremely verbose or disjointed visually, you might as well show up to the meeting in board shorts and flip flops because you just won’t be taken seriously.

It all boils down to the first impression factor, are you looking to impress, sell or just look like a well oiled machine on stage? If you said yes to any of those, then you don’t want your final PowerPoint presentation to feel like you threw it together minutes beforehand.

Color integration, text brevity, info graphics, the right imagery and a polished looking layout will be a night and day experience for both you and those you are presenting too. Taking pride in how you look and feel to your audience is good thing. If you don’t feel confident in where your presentation is aesthetically give us a shout — we can help you with that.