I sure didn’t come from money. Still, I wasn’t deprived either. If anything, I can thank my maternal Grandmother for showing me how being thrifty and creative can make the things that we surround ourselves with really gratifying. That and a general belief that she had:

“It’s better to have one nice thing than to have many cheap things.”

Grandma wasn’t talking about straight label shopping. Grandma was talking about plain old quality — though we know many brands (or labels) that are associated with quality. In fact, that’s what Effusion Creative Solutions brings to the table with every project we approach. Even before the U.S. economy went downhill (though we’ve got nothing on Grandma who lived through the Great Depression of the 1930’s), our team members advised on how to get the most from our marketing designs. For example, we talk clients out of using a “bells and whistles” approach for developing materials that may be nice, but that don’t necessarily deliver the best solution for their goals. Conversely of course, we also advise when putting more up front money for extra quality makes sense (like having a copywriter develop content or a custom eCommerce solution etc). We also assist in creating materials that can be used in several venues to cut on costs. This goes right along with having one nice thing rather than lots of cheap things.

Sure we’ve lost projects to other “cheaper” turn and burn design companies. However, we’ve also won plenty of jobs because a client originally took the “bargin-basement” route and then later decided to use our services to redesign what had been created for them by another company.

Relating this to Grandma’s core belief, it would be better to choose a company like Effusion to develop one high impact design project that reflects a company’s brand appropriately, than to get a slew of materials developed dirt cheap that miss the mark completely and denote poor quality.

Bottom line: Be smart. Be cost-conscious . Invest in quality over quantity. Effusion will help you do that.