If you haven’t heard, Google announced their deadline to have a mobile site in place. April 21st 2015 was the infamous Mobilegeddon deadline. It basically stated that if your website was not mobile-friendly, your rankings on mobile search would drop. More than half of Google’s searches are happening on mobile devices now. So it would make sense that Google wants your site optimized for the mobile end user. That said, if you’re still using a website that isn’t ready for 2019, unmobile-friendly and losing your business money, why is that?

Think about your potential customers searching for you and finding you one day and then a month later you’re located on page 10 or 15 on Google search results, that’s a lot of missed sales opportunities for your business. If you’re an eCommerce driven website you certainly have felt the sting of customer disengagement. If you’re a business to business website you have likely also seen the tumbleweeds drift by.

Bottom line is this, we’re not in in 2006 anymore. The web has evolved quite a bit in the last 10 years and now more then ever the website you own, that 24/7 sales rep for you company has gone MIA to the public because you aren’t optimized for mobile engagement.

Let’s change that.