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December 9, 2008

Inspiration vs. Plagiarizing

Every designer, artist, cook, etc. is influenced or inspired on some level by others in their field. Trends are often started this way. A look or design style starts as a seed and then blossoms across a field and sparks ideas, spin-offs, look-a-likes or those that fully without care steal the idea as their own..

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House Industries is in the Houssseee. . .

Sounds like something Arsenio Hall’s announcer might have said back in the day (just dated myself 10 years by saying that). I think House Ind is the typography equivalent to Apple and all that they do. If you’ve ever seen or purchased their House Ten Year Book: it’s something to behold. Everything (and I do.

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Branding it Right with Magnetizing Results

When Metallica set out to create a themed branded identity for their 1st album in 5 years they wanted a huge visual impact. Because the music industry is in a huge flux these days the band realized it needed to approach this album in a more creative way. Turner Duckworth (who’ve worked with giants such.

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Clean and Well Thoughtout Design

When it comes to reputation and longevity in the business Pentagram is clearly a design deity. Clean and well thought out design is something that precedes their work. You hear the name and think yes. . .pure quality and creativity without compromise. Their talents run the gamut from branding to architecture and they’ve left their.

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