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April 28, 2012

Are QR Codes A Marketing Fad, Or A Tool That Is Here To Stay?

Let’s face it, QR codes are fugly — and take up valuable design real estate. Additionally, if they’re not used correctly, you just messed up a perfectly good design for no reason. I’ve seen them used correctly and they can work, but I have to say, incorporating them into smaller marketing materials like a business.

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4 Things New Advertisers Need to Know About Google AdWords

Until you have tried pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for yourself, it can seem a bit daunting to trust Google and the other major search engines to deliver new leads and sales directly to your virtual doorstep. After all, cyberspace is littered with companies that have wasted untold fortunes, on AdWords and elsewhere, because they didn’t understand.

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How To Craft A Killer E-Mail Newsletter

As any veteran Internet marketer or business web designer can tell you, there are a lot of things that go into building a successful e-mail newsletter campaign. The smallest factors, like the wording of your subject line, can make an important difference when it comes to the response rate and return on investment you see..

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Is Google Remarketing a Gimmick… Or the Best Thing to Happen to Online Advertising in Years?

Like most new Google ideas – or relatively untested marketing ideas from any company, for that matter – Google Remarketing has been met with a combination of excitement, yawns, and complete confusion. What most business owners and marketing managers really want to know, however, is this: Is the program a great step forward in online.

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Social Media Emersion: A Focus on FourSquare

If you’re going to get your feet wet, don’t just stick your toe in the water — cannonball it baby! With the social media revolution that has swept our society and the internet in the last few years, many businesses small and large are still resistant to social media and the greatness that it can.

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