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January 29, 2012

The Most Important Reason to Find the Right Creatives

In sports, coaches and managers often remind fans that certain things just can’t be coached: speed, height, and raw physical talent are all things that certain athletes are inherently born with, and that teams can’t win without. Believe it or not, it’s the same with design professionals. Some are more talented, patient, and harder-working than.

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Some Things Never Change

Some things really don’t change all that much. A design icon and American Modernist, Paul Rand, who designed classic logos like the UPS logo, Enron Logo, Yale Logo, ABC logo, IBM logo and Westinghouse Logo also worked with a younger Steve Jobs back in the day. From what looks like a Beta quality transfer to.

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Obama Brand Power

Obama’s marketing campaign was a well oiled machine, in touch with the youth, in touch with today’s technology and very “now” in terms of interacting with today’s new media to get his message out. What’s even more amazing about Obama’s image is his brand. In a market watch article it states that the Obama symbol.

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