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September 7, 2011

Why You Can Actually Do More With Less Internet Marketing Content

One of the first things you learn when you start to get into the field of search engine optimization or Internet marketing is that you can never have too much content. Why? Because that’s what more than 90% of the men and women who will ever buy from you are originally looking for, and because.

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Social Media Emersion: A Focus on FourSquare

If you’re going to get your feet wet, don’t just stick your toe in the water — cannonball it baby! With the social media revolution that has swept our society and the internet in the last few years, many businesses small and large are still resistant to social media and the greatness that it can.

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So What’s All The Hype?

Social media, social media, social media. It’s all you hear these days. Companies are going to conventions who in turn have speakers telling their audiences, “if your company doesn’t have a digital footprint, you simply don’t exist as a business.” I have to say that sums it up, spot on. Social media is the number.

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