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March 30, 2012

Digital Band-Aids: Can You Simply Tweak a Bad Logo?

(By the way, we did NOT create the logos you see above.) How did you end up with a bad logo in the first place? There are a lot of reasons you could end up with a bad logo: Maybe you went with a low-end designer who didn’t know what they were doing. Maybe a.

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DIY Design: Quite Possibly the Worst Idea Ever

So, you’re a start-up, an entrepreneur or looking to get out of the corporate grind and need a change. You know you need to market yourself but look at your budget and think you can’t afford a design firm. Your beer goggle confidence has you thinking, “I have Microsoft Publisher, Word and FrontPage” how hard.

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Even Well Established Companies Rebrand — What Are You Waiting For?

Many clients are resistant to change. When we have a client approach us for one type of project we often will suggest the idea of rebranding if a mark looks unprofessional or just isn’t inline with today’s standards of logo design. The first thing we hear is “oh no, can’t do that — our logo.

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