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December 12, 2011

I was Wrrrrr.

I’m not sure if it’s just us or it’s a common thing in the industry. But over the last year, we’ve had a handful of potential clients that came to us to bid on a project and awarded it to a freelancer or another design firm (because the lowest bid seemed to be the most.

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I need it yesterday

Ah… the infamous last words. How many times have you dealt with a client, it can be in the design industry or any industry for that matter, that want to hop on the fast track to crank out a project? We’ve all been there. Ever notice though that more often than not, those turn and.

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Budget Blindness

I think budgets warrant their own blog post. “We want to project wealth, we are the upper echelon in our field, our marketing has to look like a million bucks — one problem, we don’t have a budget.” Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that before. “So let me get this straight you want to.

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Do Your Homework!

I can’t tell you how many potential clients have come to us out of frustration with another firm or we’ve created a proposal, and ultimately weren’t chosen as the design firm for the project. Months later we were then re-approached by the very same client that learned their lesson with a bargain basement website company..

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Less Stress. Peace of Mind. Priceless.

About 36 hours before hosting a holiday party for almost 40 people from my business group Million Dollar Ladies, my hot water heater sprang a leak — of course, perfect timing right? When your hot water heater leaks there’s no patching it up, you have to do a complete replacement. Luckily, one of the members.

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A Typical Day At the Office

When creativity and whitespace has become no longer important.

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