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October 20, 2010

Budget Blindness

I think budgets warrant their own blog post. “We want to project wealth, we are the upper echelon in our field, our marketing has to look like a million bucks — one problem, we don’t have a budget.” Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that before. “So let me get this straight you want to.

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Land of the Lost Clients

We constantly tout how important it is to communicate from the first point of contact until a project wraps. We’ve heard enough client horror stories about their previous design firm and how they never can get a hold of them (which by the way we don’t understand at all). So making sure we’re there always.

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Don’t Market, Don’t Rebrand, Don’t Position Yourself

A huge huge campaign that was based upon sarcastic reverse psychology was very well done. They took between 30-50 entertainment personalities to prove a point. That point being to not do anything, not to vote because why would it make a difference, why would one person or a dozen people make a difference in an.

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