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March 30, 2012

Digital Band-Aids: Can You Simply Tweak a Bad Logo?

(By the way, we did NOT create the logos you see above.) How did you end up with a bad logo in the first place? There are a lot of reasons you could end up with a bad logo: Maybe you went with a low-end designer who didn’t know what they were doing. Maybe a.

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Budget Blindness

I think budgets warrant their own blog post. “We want to project wealth, we are the upper echelon in our field, our marketing has to look like a million bucks — one problem, we don’t have a budget.” Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that before. “So let me get this straight you want to.

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DIY Design: Quite Possibly the Worst Idea Ever

So, you’re a start-up, an entrepreneur or looking to get out of the corporate grind and need a change. You know you need to market yourself but look at your budget and think you can’t afford a design firm. Your beer goggle confidence has you thinking, “I have Microsoft Publisher, Word and FrontPage” how hard.

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Social Media Emersion: A Focus on FourSquare

If you’re going to get your feet wet, don’t just stick your toe in the water — cannonball it baby! With the social media revolution that has swept our society and the internet in the last few years, many businesses small and large are still resistant to social media and the greatness that it can.

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Some Things Never Change

Some things really don’t change all that much. A design icon and American Modernist, Paul Rand, who designed classic logos like the UPS logo, Enron Logo, Yale Logo, ABC logo, IBM logo and Westinghouse Logo also worked with a younger Steve Jobs back in the day. From what looks like a Beta quality transfer to.

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How the Spiraling Economy Has Affected Nearly Every Storefront Except Apple

It’s very interesting to see how the malls are marketing this year to get people through their door. We just visited our local mall and 9 stores out of 10 had major discounts or FREE posters in nearly every window. Nearly every window except Apple’s. We’ve included photos of what the majority of storefronts looked.

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