So there I am in the Starbucks drive through for the usual morning wake-me-up. I get to the window and the barista says “Your coffee was just paid for by the car in front of you.” (who by this time has fled the scene)

She proceeds to tell me that every car in front of the next car is doing the same — it’s this game they play to see how many cars will pay for the next. That day I was the 44th car in a row to follow suit. My bill was actually 40 cents less than I would have paid for my own.

It was something I’ve never heard of or scene before but a cool way of spreading goodwill 3 bucks at a time. Maybe this was done as a last minute thought on a store-by-store basis or it could have been part of their retraining from months prior. At any rate I thought it was a cleaver way to get people talking.

In other news. . .


Starbucks announced a multiyear partnership with the charity campaign Product (RED) — Bono’s initiative marrying hard commerce and social responsibility.

Starting tomorrow November 27th, Starbucks will donate five cents from the sale of any Starbucks (RED) beverage to the Global Fund to help save lives in Africa.

The exclusive (RED) bevs include the Peppermint Mocha Twist, Espresso Truffle, and Gingersnap Latte.

Helping to hit the promotion home, all baristas will be decked out in red aprons instead of their classic green motif to highlight the partnership.