stevejobsSome things really don’t change all that much.

A design icon and American Modernist, Paul Rand, who designed classic logos like the UPS logo, Enron Logo, Yale Logo, ABC logo, IBM logo and Westinghouse Logo also worked with a younger Steve Jobs back in the day.

From what looks like a Beta quality transfer to the ever so digital YouTube, Steve explains how Paul created the Next logo and the process that ensued.

Mr. Rand’s collaborative process with a circa 1993 Jobs is not all that different than how we design here at Effusion and think forward for our clients and their business.

The video is a great throwback to the early days before I was even a designer or even had a clue what Illustrator was, but the message is still relevant today and worth 7 minutes of your lunch break. Check it out.

We want to thank Vibrant Creative for the great video tip on this one.