Responsive web design is a relatively new and completely exciting idea, and one that most business owners and executives are hearing about regularly these days. Even mention the idea that you’re considering a new web presence, or just making a few upgrades to your existing site, and someone is bound to tell you that responsive web design is something you simply have to opt for.

The reasoning behind this trend and advice is pretty easy to follow: Because responsive websites configure themselves to different browsers and platforms, they will work equally well for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and virtually any other kind of device you can imagine. That means most businesses can merge their “regular” and “mobile-friendly” websites into one, saving time and money along the way.

But, does that mean that a responsive business website is right for your company… and that you should automatically ditch your dedicated mobile presence?

The short answer is “not necessarily.” Here’s what you need to know:

Responsive websites are usually simpler and more cost-effective. Two websites mean two different sets of design costs, as well as updates and maintenance for both. For most businesses, that means big value, especially if they’re in the process of redesigning an existing website anyway.

However, some companies can still benefit from a dedicated mobile website. Notice that we said it makes sense if you are already redesigning your site. If you aren’t, the costs associated with designing and programming a responsive website might make it prohibitive in the short term, especially when you can essentially clone your existing site and make it mobile-compatible at a small cost.

Additionally, companies that get a lot of mobile traffic, conduct lots of mobile e-commerce transactions, or need to have absolute, 100% compatibility between platforms might want to get and maintain a dedicated mobile site as well. That way, they don’t just get the power they need, but also better marketing, tracking, and customization features for mobile customers.

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