Look there is a lot of buzz going around with responsive design. So much that the hype is deafening.

…glad you can design a killer site, how will it look on my iPhone or iPad?

When clients start asking for responsive design before you bring it up at your first or second meeting, you know that it’s punctured the mainstream psyche. This has been largely the cause of the smartphone/tablet market saturation. It has everyone and their mother asking, “glad you can design a killer site, how will it look on my iPhone or iPad?”

I don’t know that responsive design works as well as it’s hyped out to be though. The idea behind it is to convert your desktop website “on-the-fly” to a more compact easy to navigate mobile experience. That’s all well and good — but it’s easier said then done. Yes of course, you want your mobile experience to have less pinching, be an easy read and a couple taps away to get to the information you want to. In our experience though, a responsive solution can often really jack up a desktop design whether that’s in WordPress or an HTML build. If you have lengthy navigation or drop downs or SEO content that competes with The Bible for information, the navigation will overstack, and you’ll have an insane amount of scrolling that will irritate your mobile audience.

We design sites that make your smartphone experience easier for the end user, that means we chop out copy what isn’t necessary, really streamline the overall reading for the website visitor and create quick buttons that get you to where you want to go.

It’s not responsive design that’s important it really comes down to responsible design… period.

Why go through the headaches of creating a responsive site that will cost way more to build, end up being a pain to get to work right and in the end become more trouble then it’s worth? For a smaller investment, why not build a separate site that says what you do, how you do it and how to contact you. That’s really all people want when they’re on the run. It has to be dead easy to navigate and enjoyable to read. Check our mobile website design out. (on a mobile device of course)

Do whatever is necessary to create a great user experience.

If you can deal with the headaches of a responsive design build, then by all means go for it. If you can accomplish the same thing more easily why wouldn’t you?

The bottom line, do something. Responsive design is not the end all be all, and certainly shouldn’t be a deciding factor in choosing your next web design firm. You should however know that the web design company you hire can make your mobile website experience one your customers will enjoy.