We haven’t done the math recently, but it seems like there are something like 9 billion new websites launched every day. Whether that number is a little bit of a joke and a gross over-estimation isn’t really important; the fact that so many other companies would love to steal your customers is.

With that in mind, here are seven ways you can quickly and permanently differentiate yourself from your online competition:

1. By becoming a niche expert.
The more tightly you can define your customer base, the easier it is to give them information, insight, and unique products that no one else can match. Try to make your list of marketing targets smaller, not larger, and you’ll soon end up with an area you can dominate.

2. With social profiles that are more fun.
If there’s one thing that’s not changing any time soon on Internet, it’s that people like to seek out things that are fun and interesting. If they’re entertained by your Facebook profile, funny tweets, or sarcastic blog posts, you’ll have an easy way to turn readers into customers.

3. Through lower prices.
Let’s face it, if you can offer lower prices than anyone else, you’re always going to find a certain segment of the population is willing to buy from you. A word of caution, though: This is a perilous strategy to pursue because you’re always at risk of someone else coming in with an even better price.

4. Through a focus on quality.
Conversely, some people just want the best, no matter what it costs. If you can offer them top of the line premium products, especially if they’re exclusive, then you’ll probably have a steady stream of new orders.

5. By carrying more products than anyone else.
Sometimes, it’s not about having the best, but just the one you really wanted. Businesses with bigger catalogs and selections will have an easier time pleasing picky buyers.

6. With faster shipping and/or service guarantees.
If there’s one thing that the Internet has taught us about, besides the desire for lower prices, it’s that we’d really like to have everything now. Why not take advantage of that instinct and win new customers by letting them enjoy their purchases faster?

7. Through service guarantees.
In some industries, especially those with high product failure rates, 100% satisfaction guarantee is worth its weight in gold. It takes a lot more work to provide five-star customer service, of course, but it can win you buyers for life.