Are you looking for a hand drawn logo with the worst possible style and quality at a really affordable price?

You’ve come to the right place. I’ll design you a crappy logo for a mere $5. That’s right, 5 BUCKS! to buy myself a beer at the local watering hole.

Sometimes you just need to create your own industry niche to gain an edge on the competition. I stumbled upon this website on Twitter with the promise:


I saw this and laughed, a guy telling you upfront that the logos he’s going to create for you are going to be absolutely horrible and for that he wants you to pay him a modest  $5  — just enough for a six-pack.


I thought it was hilarious and figured I’d get two of these Beavis and Butthead logo monstrosities, check them out:



Think about this, these doodles likely done in maybe a minute or two = a crazy hourly like between $150-$300 an hour. Granted he’s not cranking out that many every hour or every day but by my calculations he’s raked in over 6K for maybe 15 hours of work tops. To me that’s amazing stuff.

Maybe I’m easily amused, I don’t know… but this to me is a really creative way of thinking way outside of the box and getting paid for your genius. Bravo Horrible Logo website guy — Bravo.