Obama’s marketing campaign was a well oiled machine, in touch with the youth, in touch with today’s technology and very “now” in terms of interacting with today’s new media to get his message out.

What’s even more amazing about Obama’s image is his brand. In a market watch article it states that the Obama symbol of hope logo has stronger momentum than both Google and iPhone which is a feat in and of itself and speaks volumes to the importance of creating a unique, memorable mark that people can not only identify with but will remember and is true to your core company message.

Brand Obama is a real marketing phenomenon. He’s not only making politics cool, he’s outpacing Google and iPhone, the icon brands of this century,” said David Jones, Global CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide.

This logo will go down in history as being one of the most memorable presidential campaign icons of all time.
Here is a great article with the firm who designed the logo. Surprisingly, this design was developed in 2 weeks time with little revisions — this just goes to show with the right talented design firm and having full trust in that firm, that great design can happen without a long drawn out process over months AND without multiple iterations.

With all great logos you will start to see copy cats, below is a logo that heavily samples many aspects of the famous Obama branded mark.