We just launched our new website. Yes, it’s overdue but the previous site has served us very well.

The new website really helps visitors navigate through our site more easily with stronger visual cues triggered by emphasizing splashes of color and down-playing other bits of information that while important aren’t actually the end goal for them when visiting our site. We believe the new look has a dramatic homepage that simplifies the “where do we go next” dilemma. Strong visual, simple call to action, over-sized brightly colored buttons and that’s it. Once a user clicks through they are then shown the page content then a subtle visual cue of Start Your Next Project fades in on a delay. Not flashy but more of an elegant means to help direct the user along a path.

We also moved to a larger format website that helps to fill larger desktop computers and looks gorgeous on the iPad and iPhone. What was really great about this experience is that we integrated HTML5 on the homepage and throughout the site for animation and HTML5 which you may or may not know, is very mobile friendly. Since Flash is dead, HTML5 has taken front seat allowing websites to animate again. Again, we’re not into animation for the sake of it, it’s more of a very subtle animation treatment that adds graceful movement to the page and really adds depth without being overstated. While we do recommend mobile websites to many of our clients, with the new site we decided not to because it really looks great as is. Yes you do have to pinch and zoom a bit but the tradeoff to have it look so great on mobile devices was worth it.

We’re super excited to have integrated web fonts with our website — well, I should say partially. Web fonts aren’t completely mature yet in our opinion but we wanted to give them a shot with this site. When reviewing the site on mobile devices a common font Century Gothic was not showing up, it would default to Times New Roman — and that was not going to fly. After a little web font functionality research we gave it a shot and it was so easy to implement too. Now the site looks consistent across all devices and that’s a great thing. Uniformity is key.

Since the website was completed, we moved onto our social media efforts to make sure our header images and backgrounds adopted a similar look. We then felt it necessary to update our email signatures to match.


It’s really the little things that make a big impact. So many business owners overlook email signatures as a form of advertising or branding and by advertising we don’t mean flashing ads or animations, what we mean is a professionally designed signature that reflects your brand and says what you do in a nut shell — nothing more. How annoying is it to receive an email that has 8 lines of copy, several social media links, a famous Quote and then a disclaimer? We ultimately streamlined our signature to one line, it houses just enough information and a few functional links built into the design. Very clean, modern and more importantly — cohesive with our new look.

Everyone has to upgrade/update their marketing efforts at some point — even the design firms themselves. Our time finally came and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it.