It’s fitting that this blog entry comes in December, the month when stores and homes are decorated with extra lights, garlands, and all kinds of shiny decorative objects. It’s a time when we put more glitter into our surroundings. Adding glitter in the form of great design is what Effusion Creative Solutions is all about. We call it making things look pretty with a purpose, and it’s a philosophy that started at an early age for our founder, Robert Pfeifer.

Apparently, when he was young he was in a boys group that was assigned to make wooden race cars. Each boy was provided with a block of balsa wood and wheels, and their mission was to carve and paint them into streamlined racers. His father assisted in transforming the wood block into a speedster that would compete in a race against the other cars that the other boys in the group produced.

One problem. When father and son tested the car, turns out it wasn’t very fast — at all. As Rob describes it though, he wasn’t interested in trying to rework the car to be more aerodynamic. His solution was to tell his father, “More glitter, Dad. We just need more glitter!”

Though adding more glitter to his childhood race car wasn’t a great success, the same “add glitter” tactic in the form of using great design for client’s websites, advertising, and marketing campaigns works wonders. Rob is at the center of a design firm that finds out what goals are attached to developing particular marketing materials and consistently applies great design to that end. By applying high level creative to linear logic results in organizations being able to establish the essence of who they are with current and consistent branding. It enables companies and organizations to quickly convey messages that help them increase leads and sales of their products and services.

Hmm. It makes me wonder. Should we change our tagline to “The Glitter Experts?”