I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think Black Friday, while marketed well on every TV & radio station and via social media (literally for free) is so over-hyped that people overlook the value of sanity over that “huge” discount they are supposedly getting.

Look… I like a good deal just like the next guy, but seriously is it worth it?

I am not getting up at 2am – 3am and shopping to save from $50 – $200 — I’m just not. It’s a quality and state-of-mind thing over being a total mental case. Not only do you get squat for sleep, but parking is a total nightmare. The onslaught of customers drunk on perceived discount delusions is absolutely crazy. Finally sifting through the product leftovers and then waiting in insane lines coming and going really outweighs every ounce of savings the stores are offering — in my opinion.

If you can shop from the comfort of your home online on cyber Monday, why not just extend that thinking from Thanksgiving through the holidays as a general rule of thumb? Avoid all that crazed non-sense. Ignore the heavy media marketing blitz and just check your inbox for deals, hit the web and spend a total of an hour or two shopping at your own leisurely pace, sipping on your hot cocoa while you listen to iTunes in your bunny slippers. Hands down, this is the best idea ever and a complete no-brainer. For those that love to risk life and limb to save a few bucks I don’t envy you in the least, I question your mental state.

Don’t buy into the marketing hype.