Everybody is in the same boat, we all have the same concerns and want to be able to provide for our families as well as being still relevant as a business. Everything is going virtual now. Meetings, networking, you name it — and getting in front of prospects virtually is incredibly important as we all scratch to the surface to be recognized as business contenders.

By maintaining and upgrading and possibly rethinking your brand, website and PowerPoint presentations during these crazy days we’re in with ways to feel fresh and viable to potential clients and customers will ultimately help your company generate more leads and at the end of the day… more business.

When all of this starting going bonkers with people stuffing their shopping carts with heaps of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, I noticed something interesting. Outside of the toilet paper isle, many household food items for instance like peanut butter and mac & cheese were out too. By out I mean Kraft Mac & Cheese as well as Skippy and Peter Pan peanut butter. The “off-brands” were surprisingly in stock or I should say a lot less out of stock.

Why is this important? Brand and marketing recognition.

People have associated quality and being “brand-comfortable” with these names/companies. Sure they dump millions and millions into their marketing every year but they all had to start somewhere or pivot to adjust to economic changes. It comes down to getting in front of your potential buyers with an image they can latch onto, respect and want to do business with.

As a design firm our job is to help your first impression by maintaining and building upon it whether that’s through new website development, branding/rebranding or other marketing ventures. There’s no time like the present to take advantage of how your company is perceived by potential clients and customers. We hope we can help you along the way of this new journey.