About 36 hours before hosting a holiday party for almost 40 people from my business group
Million Dollar Ladies, my hot water heater sprang a leak — of course, perfect timing right? When your hot water heater leaks there’s no patching it up, you have to do a complete replacement.

Luckily, one of the members of the group is the owner of a plumbing company that does superior work and was someone I trusted. So I called them and they came to my rescue replacing the unit in a just a few hours that evening. Of course, later that night my handyman jack-of-all-trades father asked me why I didn’t call him to do it…after all it would have cost me a lot less money he said. Though it sounded more like this:

“shhhezz, aint nothin to fixin that, just a little bolt, drain the tank, run down to Lowes, hall it back and replace it — I guess you like wastin’ money.”

Look, saving money is great, but it’s not always what’s most important.

In the midst of an excessively busy week, with four meetings scheduled for the next day and a party to finish preparing for, it was in my very best interest to call someone I trusted, who was an absolute expert, and who could get the job done quickly and get it done well without me being involved. I didn’t need to run down to Home Depot trying to figure out which unit was best to purchase. I didn’t need to borrow a vehicle to get it to my house or be involved in any way removing the old water heater and disposing of it and especially not having to deal with sodering the pipes back together.

In fact, after making the call to the plumber, I just went on with my own work and everything was taken care of, no mess no fuss, no headache.

So what did I get for the money? Less stress and a great big fat helping of peace of mind — because I knew everything was installed safely and more importantly to current specifications by an expert.

The same exact premise applies to marketing and design.

At Effusion Creative Solutions, when we design marketing/business materials and websites we’re giving more than just great design. We’re giving peace of mind to people who want to work with experts — allowing our clients to do what they do best and let us help them by doing what we do best.

Bottom line: Everyone’s got a jack-of-all-trades friend of a friend they know that can whip up a flyer in Publisher or put together a template website from GoDaddy in no time. If that’s what you want and you are fine with that — that’s one thing, if you have a choice and are looking for a strong first impression, you have a better option, shoot us an email.