The Knowledge Panel

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably Googled your business dozens of time to see where you rank or what shows up in the search results next to your company. Are you putting your best business forward so when a potential client does a search they are hit with a one-two punch of information about your company before even hitting your site? If not, let us introduce you to the Google Knowledge Panel.

If you Google your business’s name this is what could show up on the right hand side of the page. I say “could” because unless you set it up, it will just be a blank white space of nothingness. Case in point… this is what happens when you Google Effusion Creative Solutions.

Pretty crazy cool right? A whole column of info dedicated to our business — this could be you.

The Knowledge Panel is bursting at the seams with information, visuals, reviews… you name it. It’s a one stop shop about our company. So the question is, if you don’t have this in place — why are you still even reading this blog, stop lollygagging and get KP in gear!

google knowledge panel and search for Effusion Creative Solutions

Here’s what to do:

1. Create a Google Account

Opening a Google My Business account is the first step. From here you can verify that you are the business owner. Once in, you can edit and add all of the information that pertains to your business, ie: business name, contact info, hours of operation as well as adding photos to make your panel stand out.

Google will then decide whether or not to show a knowledge panel within the search results. Many key factors play into whether or not the knowledge panel becomes visible from distance, to relevance as well as how prominent the business is.

2. Submit your Website to Google Console

3. Get Verified

Verifying a knowledge panel is pretty simple. Google outlines the steps for you in order to do that: in this article. Simply log in to your Google account, sign in to one of your official sites or profiles to get verification for your business. Once your company has been verified, you can then make changes in the knowledge panel and tweak it to your satisfaction.

4. Google Posts

One huge tip many people are not taking advantage of to help visibility are something called Google Posts. You can post micro blogs right into your Knowledge panel highlighting a service, offer or a mini client case study. It’s a great way to add additional content and visuals to your knowledge panel.


Visibility is king, get noticed.