When you think streamlined/concise content, this trickles down to the very essence of your brand — yes your logo.

In the beginning when we first started our company, we were open to creating what we refer to as the “FrankinLogo” — meaning, we presented 4-6 logo concepts and let the client decide what they liked best, if that meant creating a hybrid of 2 or 3 logos then so be it. Well, what we came to find was that this method seemed to yield the ugliest logos that consistently never made our portfolio. Why? Because we were slicing and dicing our best ideas and creating a final logo merger that became this monster, over-the-top, yuck-fest that was so busy and convoluted it lost the whole essence of good logo design — simplicity.

No matter the project, whether it’s a logo, a brochure a website or an ad, keep things simple. As over used as this phrase is, “less is more” is the key to any strong marketing effort.

Don’t take our word for it, look to the big companies out there that use a simple phrase or company logo combined with solid color or a dynamic image and I’ll show you a successful marketing campaign. Below are three ads from different companies. Strong image, simple tagline, done.