Just wanted to give a quick shout out to a new client of ours Pandemobium.com.

They are a new start-up that specializes in apps for mobile devices for smartphones & tablets and they also create mobile websites as well. They recently came to Effusion to have some business cards done. We spoke to them about quality and how the little things can make a big impact. When you hand your business cards out, they shouldn’t feel flimsy or “made at home” that always reeks of cheap and then reflects right back to the business or service.

A solid business card should feel like a firm handshake. We recommended a newer type of business card that is roughly 2.5-3 times as robust as a typical card. In this case, that handshake felt like it was with Iron Man. While they are more expensive than normal cards, these have a wow factor when you feel the quality — people really take notice. Even though Pandemobium is up and coming, they realized it was a smart move to do things correctly right out of the gate.

Check out the quality below, the white card is a typical thickness (about 11pt – 12pt)  while the Pandemobium card is a whopping 32pts.

Attention to detail is everything
At Effusion we often get accused of being too detailed orientated, about moving pixels that most people wont even see. In this case, the card speaks for itself and shouts quality for Pandemobium’s wowing first impression.