Like most new Google ideas – or relatively untested marketing ideas from any company, for that matter – Google Remarketing has been met with a combination of excitement, yawns, and complete confusion. What most business owners and marketing managers really want to know, however, is this: Is the program a great step forward in online advertising, or simply another gimmick that costs a bit more?

The first step to answering that question is understanding what Google Remarketing is. If you aren’t familiar with the term, then you’ve probably already seen it anyway. Basically, the search engine keeps track of sites you have visited (via cookies on their advertisers’ sites), and then shows you ads from those sites later, as you continue browsing. In other words, Google gives you more chances to return and buy from the companies you have already visited or searched for.

While the concept will undoubtedly change over time, it’s already a powerful tool for online advertisers of all sizes and has become the next best thing since sliced bread for three good reasons:

1. It allows you to stay on top of your customer’s mind. As any veteran marketer can tell you, getting customers to think about you when they aren’t on your website is a major challenge. Anything that can help you stay in front of them more often can only be good for sales.

2. It also keeps you in the mix when your customer visits competitors. What happens when a potential buyer clicks away from your site to visit a competitor, check out their products, compare prices, etc.? If they haven’t bookmarked your pages, or don’t remember the name of your site, then you may have no way of getting that sale back… unless you’re using Google Remarketing.

3. It gives you more mileage from your advertising budget. One of the continual themes on our blog is finding your perfect target customer and doing a better job of reaching that specific group. Obviously, Google Remarketing makes it easier to accomplish that.

Don’t believe us? Check this out…

Before we even knew what Google Remarketing was months ago, I had visited a website for a design project when to my surprise a colleague’s ad came up on the site I was on. I was shocked, and sent him a screen cap to let him know how cool it was I saw his ad on a popular designer website. I later came to find out because I had visited my colleagues website days before and also that he was using Google Remarketing that his ad sort of was following me around the internet. Sort of creepy but darn cool at the same time. Here’s what I had seen below:


Only time will tell how much more effective Google Remarketing is over regular AdWords spots, but we are willing to bet it’s going to be a winner. Why not contact us today to get help with your online advertising campaigns?