Every designer, artist, cook, etc. is influenced or inspired on some level by others in their field. Trends are often started this way. A look or design style starts as a seed and then blossoms across a field and sparks ideas, spin-offs, look-a-likes or those that fully without care steal the idea as their own.

Driving on the way to work today I was listening to entertainment news that involved the band Coldplay. Apparently they didn’t just sample Joe Satriani’s melody they completely ripped it off. Below is the video that compares them side by side and then overlays them both — this is simply amazing. This reminds me of the same issues Vanilla Ice had with Queen in my Hammer pants hay day.


This type of thing happens all the time, in music and design. The way we approach design, we ask our clients questions, what they like and don’t like in terms of style and what their goals are for the project, this helps us get inside of their head to create something that represents their tastes.

Yes, like many designers, we’ve been asked to completely duplicate/plagiarize either a website, brochure or some other type of marketing piece — but that is something we do not do. We’ll review the provided samples but will make it our own design using the flavor or essence of the sampled work and carry it through so the end result is more unique for our clients AND won’t get them into hot water like Coldplay..

Let us know if we can help you create something unique.