Ever finish a particularly impactful business meeting or sales presentation and wish you could tap into that energy again and again to help you grow your business? Well, maybe you can. While a large part of your PowerPoint talk might be your tone of voice, presence, and timing, there are some steps you can take to turn a slide presentation into compelling web content.

Here are a handful of tips for taking what you said and turning it into a strong article, blog post, or webpage:

Keep things conversational.
A lot of business people tend to write more formally than they speak. If you have recorded your presentation, or just have a good idea of what you said, try to get it down largely word for word. The effort will help you to sound more natural, and more convincing.

Draw out the relevant facts and figures.
While most people buy emotionally, they justify it with lots of facts, figures, and statistics. So, if your PowerPoint presentation featured several of these, make sure they make it into your web version, too.

Make sure that charts and visuals show clearly.
Some things that look good on the slide for a moment or two don’t hold up as well once they’re placed onto the web for everyone to see. If you find your visuals are lacking a bit, retain the services of a qualified design team that can help you dress up your key points and make your presentation look more professional.

Consider turning your presentation into an online video.
One of the best ways to preserve the enthusiasm and personal nature of a PowerPoint presentation is by simply keeping the slides as they were and either recording yourself presenting them with a camera, or providing audio over top of them. The result could be something that appeals to customers, informs colleagues, and raises your personal and business profile at the same time!