It’s very interesting to see how the malls are marketing this year to get people through their door. We just visited our local mall and 9 stores out of 10 had major discounts or FREE posters in nearly every window.

Nearly every window except Apple’s.

We’ve included photos of what the majority of storefronts looked like and when you view the Apple Store window (the last two images), it’s exactly like the inside of their store, clean, open, styled as you would expect, and business as usual but not one single discounted item, BOGO or FREE incentive, why? Because they don’t have to.

Their brand is so strong and recession resistant, they have some of the most loyal customers and future converts that they don’t need to drop prices, or give incentives — that’s “brand power.”

Apple knows how to market, when to market and who to market to.

Also, mad props on the classic Rankin Bass-like designed characters that are on display featuring the iPhone and iPod Nano. Looks like Hermes finally found a better gig as a salesman instead of a dentist.