The old saying “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” could never be more accurate.

After all these years in the business, I’m still shocked when clients existing or those being courted, fall into the lowest price syndrome. Yep they fully trust you, they recommend you to everyone they know, they call you on minor things between projects because they value your opinion — but when they get a fair estimate for a good amount of work, more often than not they get another bid because “there has to be a cheaper way” and if it’s lower they roll with it.

The huge kicker is when they tried this route before and got completely burned and still… STILL after having that awful taste in their mouth lingering from the first nightmare, instead of paying a little bit more to have it done right by someone they value and trust, they dip their toe in the pool of chance again. Fingers crossed, that door number 2 with the lowest bid and gleam in their eye doesn’t take them for all they got.

I’m shocked every time.

I’d like to make a small plea to those straddling the fence of chance. don’t be seduced by Freddie Fly-By-Night with the huge promises that are obviously too good to be true. Bite the bullet, pay a little extra and get it done right the first time. If not with us, with someone you trust. Save yourself time, frustration and money.