ebay for some has been around since before they were born, for me it was there in the internet’s infancy and weathered the dot com storm to be one of the most recognizable brands online and off. The logo was always a bit quirky, an eclectic mixture of overlapping, skewed, and varying sized characters. It’s a brand you knew but didn’t think much about. In fact, I didn’t really overanalyze the logo until ebay decided to go completely sterile with its redesign.


Upfront, it looks like a design exercise that a first year design student was experimenting with and it didn’t make their final cut. We all have those early logo ideas that we toss aside before showing the client, this feels like that to me. Not only is the font boring, but the colors seem dull and the closeness of the letters really bother me — either overlap or give it some gap. Then they have the trademark symbol that they just forgot to lineup properly altogether.

For a global company to go so far in the other direction, I think they really blew an opportunity for a cool identity transformation. They left the eclectic history of the brand behind and irritated a lot of people in the process. One thing I am thankful for is that they didn’t crowdsource this like the Gap logo.


That being said, they’ve been socially inspired to transform their website into a more Pinteresty design which by contrast actually looks quite nice. Slapping the new logo on this new design is such a shame.

With a little effort:

Playing around (literally took a few minutes) I found a slightly more interesting font — paid a small homage to the merging letters of yesteryear and reduced the amount of color to streamline it — the end product still feels fun but corporate at the same time. This by no means is a full blown 20+ hour design exercise effort — it was a quick “let’s see what I can pull off in less than 5 minutes” thing. To me, even this feels more evolved yet still maintains some semblance of a personality.




Look, if you’re going to rebrand, REBRAND, don’t give us something my baby sister could have designed at recess. Simple is a good thing — I totally agree, ebay’s approach however, was a huge waste of time.

By the way ebay, you are welcome to purchase our ebay logo design — at a premium — it’s not too late to do this thing right.