no-marketingA huge huge campaign that was based upon sarcastic reverse psychology was very well done. They took between 30-50 entertainment personalities to prove a point. That point being to not do anything, not to vote because why would it make a difference, why would one person or a dozen people make a difference in an election. Well it did.

The message got out and people like never before who have never seen a voting booth went out to vote.

This exact same principle applies to marketing your company:

“Why bother marketing? Branding and positioning your company in the market only works when times are good.”

“Doing absolutely nothing to leverage your brand is better than investing in your company’s future.”

“You’re too busy to market.”

“Business is fine now.”

“The economy is in the toilet who cares about your business and what you have to offer?”

“When no one is knocking on your door for business, why on earth would you reach out to them?”

“Marketing doesn’t work — at all.”

“Everyone else is in the hole, what difference would it make to to step up and rebrand my company or create a unique ad campaign to weather the storm?”

“If I just think positive this whole economy thing will all go away.”

Don’t Market, Don’t Rebrand, Don’t Position Yourself, Don’t Do A Thing — your customers will miss you. Good luck with that.