We can tell you from experience that, no matter how a new potential client comes to us, at some point in the first 10 or 15 minutes of meeting them, a version of the phrase “show us your samples” is going to be uttered into the air. We can understand; clients are paying for strong design work, and so naturally, the first thing they want is a little taste of the designs we’ve done in the past.

Unfortunately, that also makes it easy for them to miss another half of the equation… one that will ultimately be just as important to the success or failure of their business website design or marketing project.

Good design isn’t just about nice visuals – it’s about the right results. Because you want to end up with pieces that are impactful, you need to be able to communicate with your design team in a way that helps them to clearly understand your goals and message. Without that knowledge, your marketing will never be as sharp as it could be, and you’ll find your projects could be late, or off-topic.

For that reason, the way your creative team communicates is every bit as important as the quality of the design work they do. If you want to find true value and a website, brochure, or some other piece of marketing material, you have to find a group that’s willing to put in the time to find out what your real needs are, not just the basic parameters of the project. You may want something for your company that you don’t need — yet or at all. Through the right series of questions and conversations a good design firm will help determine the right path for your business marketing.

Samples are always going to be an important part of choosing a business website designer or graphic design team. If you want to end up with something that looks as good on your future sales figures as it does on a computer screen, don’t just pay attention to how pretty the art is — notice how well your design team communicates, listens, makes the right recommendations for your business and executes on time and within budget.