Somewhere over the past two decades, print design stopped being the hot young thing and moved into the attic with its collection of cats. Meanwhile, online marketing – and all of its forms, from search engine optimization to social media – suddenly became the one sexy thing that every business of any size “simply had to do.”

There’s some good reasoning behind all of that, of course, but it makes sense to ask: Is it Dead ? Does print design still matter? It definitely does, and here are three good reasons why:

Lots of potential customers like printed materials.
There are a lot of decision-makers in this country – millions in fact – who fall into the “over 55” crowd and prefer to see proposals, brochures, and other collateral material in print in paper form. That’s not to mention that there are still certain industries where print is the norm, and the fact that frequent travelers like to have documents that they can view on planes without having to plug them in.

Print marketing tends to be read, instead of scanned.
Like it or not, human brains are still wired to put more mental stock into something that’s been printed on paper, rather than a computer screen. Plus, they tend to give a physical copy more attention than they do something that’s online. So, if you want your materials to seem more informative, and more credible, then sending them to print is a better option than putting them on the web.

You can do things with paper that you can’t do with web.
For all the great things accomplished in Internet marketing, and there are quite a few, there are still a few things you can’t do with a webpage or banner ad — like forming three-dimensional shapes to get the customer to interact with it physically. You can’t feel or smell the web (yet) and sending a unique out-of-the-box marketing piece to a prospect that can do this can only be accomplished with a physical, tactile and sensory medium like paper.  For some designs and ideas, printed pieces aren’t just the best way, but the only way.

It’s obvious to anyone in business these days that online marketing is an important part of any industry. But don’t count print out just yet – there are still times when it’s the best tool in your marketing arsenal.