(By the way, we did NOT create the logos you see above.)

How did you end up with a bad logo in the first place?
There are a lot of reasons you could end up with a bad logo: Maybe you went with a low-end designer who didn’t know what they were doing. Maybe a family member or friend that dabbles in design on the weekend offered to help you out because you had a limited budget at the time. Maybe you inherited the logo from another owner, executive, or marketing firm. Or, maybe your business has just changed over time, and your look hasn’t evolved with it.

One way or another, you might be asking yourself how much work (and money) it should take to fix a bad logo. Can you simply tweak what you have, or should you pay for something new?

Here are a few things to think about:

In some cases, a few changes can drastically improve things.
Although we’ll admit this is very rare, there are times when simple fixes to an existing logo can fix what’s wrong with the design… or at least make it less painful to look at. Usually these situations have to do with the colors being used, or that the logo has been done in a very old style that simply needs to be updated with a more modern look.

Be open to the process.
If you do decide to redesign, be very open-minded. The biggest downfall of a redesign is if you are married to your current logo and you just can’t let go, even if it’s hurting your company image. If a logo has been with a business for sometime, the evolutionary steps to bring it up to snuff can be quite drastic aesthetically depending upon how dated or poorly crafted the current identity is. So be open, very open to seeing how solid design can truly make a difference in how your company is perceived from potential and current clients as well as your competitors.

Here are some great logo makeovers (that we did not do) but give you an idea of how a company can evolve successfully:




A great logo is a long-term investment.
In other words, if your design team can salvage what you have with a few simple alterations – and let’s be honest, they usually can’t – starting over isn’t such a bad idea. That’s because your logo is going to be with you for a long time to come, and changing the look and feel of your most important visual is the complete opposite of good branding. So, painful as it might be, your best choice might just be to have a quality design team come up with a fresh identity piece.

A reputable design team can help you find the answers, and spot the best way forward.
As with all things, every piece of advice is situational. If you aren’t sure about your logo, don’t know whether you should be looking at a new look, or just want to see what your options are like, the best thing to do is schedule a free consultation with a team like ours. At the very least, you’ll walk away from the meeting with a professional opinion to fall back on.

Logos tell the public what your business is all about in a matter of milliseconds. If you need help sending the right kind of message with yours, contact the design and branding team at Effusion today.