Standing out from everyone else out there is key when designing your logo — totally get it. But a huge mistake we often see are those that want fonts that are too flourishy or grungy or looks fine large but scaled down it’s just not legible. Choosing the right font for your business/logo makes a world of difference and isn’t something that should be taken lightly. A keen eye for typography makes the difference in overall vibe and how it translates across all media from social to print and above all other things it has be legible.

We’ve seen fonts that were meant for wedding invitations and we’ve seen fonts that were meant for death metal bands — both trying to be used for professional business logo design, and let me tell you that’s not a good thing. The best type of typography/fonts are the clean and easy to read fonts that can still look fantastic and unique at the end of the day with the right type treatment.

We recently finished a corporate logo redesign for a client that wasn’t happy with her logo. She wanted something that was bold and not a design that looked like stock art. Below is the before and after. The new approach has a great feel to it, it’s simple and legible and feels modern. Notice that radical fonts were not used, but we took fonts that had versatility and created a unique type treatment for her that will serve her company very well.

oldnew2 - Choosing the Right Font for Your Logo

It all boils down to this — when creating a logo male sure that it incorporates typography that helps your company name to shine in a professional manner instead of working against it. It’s the difference between being taken seriously and not being taken seriously as a business.