Your business image and marketing materials are truly an investment, which translate to how your customers or clients perceive you as a company. This perception of a meaningful investment vs “just another business expense headache” is crucial in understanding the value a solid marketing campaign really is to a company.

By taking clients through a detailed interview process, this helps us get to know the company, their goals, their needs vs wants, their commitment to the project, and provides us with the necessary information to put together a formalized proposal to suit their creative venture.

Education, Experience and Great Communication
Due to our education in the design field, years of experience in the market and our creative talent in deliverables, Effusion will not come in as the lowest proposal — that you can count on. On the other hand, we typically do not come in on the über high-end either. Where we will fall inline is somewhere in the middle. Think of Effusion as the Lexus of design in terms of pricing, not as low as a pre-owned Smart two seater cartoon car or as high as a new Porsche 911.

Shifting the thought process from “I need a cheap logo or website — and I don’t care what they look like” to “I need to really invest in my branding, website and business image so that it will actually serve my company well” is paramount. This will curb your frustration with hiring an inexperienced or poorly communicative company.

If you search the web there are plenty of companies that will design your logo identity for $100 and your website for under $500, you absolutely don’t want to go this route. These types of solutions are typically sweat shop off-shore design companies that turn and burn out work throwing quality to the wind.

Why Pay Twice — Do it Right the First Time Around
We can’t tell you how many companies we have estimated projects for in the past that didn’t choose our company to go the “quick, cheap and dirty” route instead and eventually came back to us because there was a lack of knowledge in development, zero creativity, they were talked into getting things they just didn’t need, there was a breakdown in communication and poor quality in the end product. It’s a shame, because the client ends up having to start from scratch and it costs them not only additional time but more money as an end result.

Getting what you paid for is a sad reality for any client when they choose to base their choice solely on price. Everybody is concerned about budgets these days — that’s a given, but the one place you don’t want to skimp is on your corporate image or marketing materials. We get these types of questions all the time, “what does a website cost” or “what does a full marketing campaign run?” Design firms can’t determine an exact number until they have all the variables ironed out. It’s similar to asking “what does a car or house cost?” Do you want an exotic car or a hybrid, a mansion or a studio apartment? It’s all in the details.

If you are in the market for a new website or a branding/marketing campaign or a presentation and want to invest a little more to do it right the first time — let’s have a conversation.