Solid Brands

Effusion Recognized 2nd Connsecutive Year for Brand Excellence

For the second consecutive year, LogoLounge has recognized Effusion for brand design excellence. OK so we’re tooting our own horn, but we’re proud of what we do here and being recognized in your industry to what a panel of international judges judging over 30,000 logo submissions and considering your work “solid design” is worth a.

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House Industries is in the Houssseee. . .

Sounds like something Arsenio Hall’s announcer might have said back in the day (just dated myself 10 years by saying that). I think House Ind is the typography equivalent to Apple and all that they do. If you’ve ever seen or purchased their House Ten Year Book: it’s something to behold. Everything (and I do.

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Apple’s iPhone 3G Ads — The Creative Reveal

These ads should all all be titled “Yeah Just Like That.” Yes, I’m a devote lamb following Apple every where they go, but aside from that, I have to share with you how creative I thought one of their most recent ads were for a product called Shazam. The last dozen or so TV ads.

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Branding it Right with Magnetizing Results

When Metallica set out to create a themed branded identity for their 1st album in 5 years they wanted a huge visual impact. Because the music industry is in a huge flux these days the band realized it needed to approach this album in a more creative way. Turner Duckworth (who’ve worked with giants such.

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Clean and Well Thoughtout Design

When it comes to reputation and longevity in the business Pentagram is clearly a design deity. Clean and well thought out design is something that precedes their work. You hear the name and think yes. . .pure quality and creativity without compromise. Their talents run the gamut from branding to architecture and they’ve left their.

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Obama Brand Power

Obama’s marketing campaign was a well oiled machine, in touch with the youth, in touch with today’s technology and very “now” in terms of interacting with today’s new media to get his message out. What’s even more amazing about Obama’s image is his brand. In a market watch article it states that the Obama symbol.

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