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How the Spiraling Economy Has Affected Nearly Every Storefront Except Apple

It’s very interesting to see how the malls are marketing this year to get people through their door. We just visited our local mall and 9 stores out of 10 had major discounts or FREE posters in nearly every window. Nearly every window except Apple’s. We’ve included photos of what the majority of storefronts looked.

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Starbucks Spreads Holiday Cheer and Turns (RED)

So there I am in the Starbucks drive through for the usual morning wake-me-up. I get to the window and the barista says “Your coffee was just paid for by the car in front of you.” (who by this time has fled the scene) She proceeds to tell me that every car in front of.

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Effusion Recognized 2nd Connsecutive Year for Brand Excellence

For the second consecutive year, LogoLounge has recognized Effusion for brand design excellence. OK so we’re tooting our own horn, but we’re proud of what we do here and being recognized in your industry to what a panel of international judges judging over 30,000 logo submissions and considering your work “solid design” is worth a.

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Axel Rose is A Pepper, and Just Made Everyone Else A Pepper Too

You can say what you want about perfectionists. While Effusion has been accused of pixel paranoia and designs having to be perfect before they are sent to any client, Axel on the other hand has taken perfectionism to a whole new level. Mrs. Butterworth has nothing on Axel who has taken his own sweet time.

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Even Well Established Companies Rebrand — What Are You Waiting For?

Many clients are resistant to change. When we have a client approach us for one type of project we often will suggest the idea of rebranding if a mark looks unprofessional or just isn’t inline with today’s standards of logo design. The first thing we hear is “oh no, can’t do that — our logo.

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Obama Brand Power

Obama’s marketing campaign was a well oiled machine, in touch with the youth, in touch with today’s technology and very “now” in terms of interacting with today’s new media to get his message out. What’s even more amazing about Obama’s image is his brand. In a market watch article it states that the Obama symbol.

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